G r e e k M y t h o l o g y

Large olives on the trees. New harvest season
Since ancient times, the Greeks have tried to find ways to express the invaluable value of olives justifying the great variety of myths which refer to its origin. The most famous one is the myth of the dispute between the goddess Athena and Poseidon who claimed the protection of the city that was later named Athens. According to it, the two gods were invited to present their gift to establish the name of the city. Poseidon first, hitting his trident on the ground caused a big wave of sea water in the residential area. Athena, on the other hand, gave an olive tree on the rock of the Acropolis full of fruits. Since the first olive tree planted by a divine hand provided food and wood to the inhabitants, it was considered a sacred and valuable gift. Therefore, the olive oil that comes from it was rightly characterized as ‘liquid gold’.
Respect towards the Greek nature being our main principle, we, the No 1 Melaia, confidently continue to create products that are unique both in quality and in taste. Out of our respect to Earth, we are being rewarded with its best and most beautiful fruits.
picture of olive tree branches against blue sky, sunset