A b o u t u s



No matter how much we searched, one is the name that expresses our love for Greek nature and guarantees the purity of our products. Driven by the ancient Greek culture, we combined two very basic words to our philosophy: honey, symbol of knowledge, of the intellect and mental completion of the individual and olive, symbol of wisdom, peace, hope as well as Hellenism. Melaia is our company name, which promises and commits to offering top quality goods from the Messinian land.

Polytimi Geusi

What we should mainly emphasize is that behind this newly established company for the production and standardization of genuine quality olive oil are people who love and care for the land that nurtures them. All of us -from the experienced farmers to the certified olive oil mills- work with respect and passion to provide you with excellent quality products tested and certified by competent bodies. After all, the fact that the fruits of our earth come directly to your plate without losing their purity and taste guarantees our honesty and sincerity regarding the way we treat our people while recognizing the effort they make for you to enjoy delicious and healthy goods.